Hello From Two Giraffes!

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Based in Toronto, Two Giraffes is a sustainable children's furniture brand. Inspired by our own three children, we design our products to let kids be kids.

Our philosophy when it comes to kids’ furniture is that we design products that excite little one’s imagination and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable home. We also believe such furniture should come with an affordable price tag if we really want many families could join us in our journey to preserve a beautiful planet for our future generations. 

So we work really hard to keep our responsibly sourced and ethically crafted products affordable and fairly priced. That’s why we never run heavy promotions or Black Fridays discounts.  

We’ve rigorously tested all the materials, paints, and varnishes in one of the biggest labs in the US - www.UL.com so you can rest assured your product is safe. 

From our factory in the beautiful countryside to your front door, we're making products that are kind to the kids, and kind to the planet.




We Promise

Never Compromise on Quality

Making a great piece of furniture starts with sourcing superior and safe materials as well as designing a functional, effective assembly. All Two Giraffes™ products are crafted with care, inspiration and an ongoing attention to details. The designs are well thought out and tested.

Product Journey

Be Kind to Our Planet

We know we’re not perfect, but we try really, really hard to minimize our footprint on the world. Thus, we prioritize natural, renewable, non-toxic materials that are safe and eco-friendly. Learn more about our journey to respectful production.


Designs They Will Love

We’re a family brand, so kids are at the heart of everything we do. We draw inspiration from all the tiny people who use our products. We put our experience, love and dedication to creating products that bring wide smiles and a lot of joy.

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