The Journey of Two Giraffes™ Products

Explore what makes our furniture great

Sustainable Wood
Durable, Natural Materials

We thoroughly examine and source better materials that’ll last year over year: 

🌿 beautiful  FSC ®-certified solid wood (alder wood, beech, and pine) 

🌿 high-performance hardware

🌿 Italian water-based, non-toxic paints and varnishes 

(yes, we’ve lab tested ‘em all so you can just enjoy your product).

🌿 For our bed frames, we appreciate the finger joint wood for its strength, perfect alignment, and stability (the chances of warping and twisting are almost zero). It also allows low-waste, responsible manufacturing (i.e. less wood gets wasted during production). 

Passion x Experience

All Two Giraffes™ products are crafted in the CBCI - certified, family-owned factory in the Ukrainian countryside, with over 50 years of experience producing wooden furniture. 

Owning all the stages of wood processing (i.e. limbing, bucking, debarking, sawing, kiln-dried, splicing, etc) provides us with ultimate control all the way from raw materials to the final product in your home, making sure you get the highest quality at affordable prices. 

Manufacturing of Two Giraffes kids furniture - house beds bunny chairs
happy kid laughing and having fun with his daddy
Made for kids
Details Obsession

Our products are made for children, and we've put thought into every single detail so that you can create your kid's room with peace of mind. 

But the real beauty of our products is that we’ve put thought into every detail to make them safe and child friendly: 

     ✨there are no sharp corners or edges on our furniture - they are all rounded

     ✨all the parts are hand-polished

     ✨the hardware is durable and doesn’t pop out

     ✨it’s sized perfectly for your little ones 

     ✨neutral colors that'll complement any room   

 So we’re doing everything your product arrives in perfect condition.