Explore what we do on our journey to sustainable and respectful production  


🌿 We respect the environment and source solid wood from a socially responsible FSC ® facility with strict replanting policies.
🌿 To preserve our wood we use paints and varnishes that are child-safe, water-based and free of harmful substances.
🌿 Chemical testing is also part of the mandatory safety tests performed by a 3rd party CPSC accredited lab
🌿 For many of our products we produce finger joint wood which on top of its durability benefits allows low-waste, responsible manufacturing (in the other words, less wood gets wasted during production)
🌿 We recycle wood waste in our production

    Product design

    🌿 We strive to develop products you could be happy with for a long time.
    🌿 All our bed frames are multifunctional, thus each model doubles as a playhouse unit.
    🌿 They’re twin size, meaning your child will fit in it for many years to come, while toddler beds are used for too short of a time.
    🌿 We design our furniture to be reused by the younger siblings: the gender-neutral and timeless design combined with durability enable the reuse without compromising safety or style.


      🌿 Our furniture is efficiently packed (flat and compact) to optimize transport and minimize the negative impact on the environment.
      🌿 All the packaging we use complies with FSC ® and ISO 9001:2015, IDT requirements and is  FSC® certified. 

        Here, at Two Giraffes™, we’ve already done many sustainable initiatives, however our aspiration to minimize the footprint on the world goes on. So we continue to work on reducing the environmental impact and preserve a beautiful planet for our future generations.